S.1 M4 Rifle

This M4 Rifle is famous from a foreign movie and VDO Game. Often used in Hollywood movies. The most popular firearm of Koh Chang Shooting

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S.7 .357 magnum

A revolver of the Smith & Wesson, USA. It can be used with these following bullets: Pellets, Jacketed Hollow Point, Armor Piercing.   It is

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S.8 .38 Special

A Revolver from USA. It is a friendly user,  using .38 cartridge.  Most commonly used by the police officers. It is suitable for both men and

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9 trigger/firing modes Trigger that has an adjustable stop Corrosion-proof frame High-end target sights Universal mounting for easy accessory installation Ambidextrous control levers Advanced recoil

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S.16 .44 Magnum

A large-bore handgun and heavy. Using .44 bullets. Powerful and loud noise. Soft but firmly trigger. Soft recoil. A rare find handgun.

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S.20 CZ 75

Handgun intended for special units, suitable also for target shooting, hobby or self defence Long service life, accuracy and reliability even when used under adverse

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