Koh Chang Shooting Range

Nowadays, firearms shooting has become more popular for example; shooting as a hobby, a defensive shooting, and as a sport. The shooting sport is not as terrifying as many people think, however it is required to follow the rules at the shooting range strictly in order to make the shooting fun and without stress.

Koh Chang Shooting Range

Koh Chang Shooting Range is located at Ampur Koh Chang, Trat Province, Thailand. It is the only one range in Thailand that has the Back Stop as a beach. Besides, it is also a part of  Trat Shooting Sport Association. Therefore, you can be sure that Koh Chang Shooting Range is reputable and up to standard. The most important thing is that it is convenient, fast and easy to reach the range. Also, it is suitable to be a place to relax for both Thais and foreigners, for all ages who like to seek for a new experience, a fun and challenging activity. Koh Chang Shooting Range also offers many activities to a tour group.

Moreover, Koh Chang Shooting Range was also chosen to be a place to practice firearms shooting for the Government Agencies and a place where several famous TV channels came to shoot their programs. Inside, there are several stations for the firearms shooting such as Sniper, M4, Shotgun, Pistol and many more.

If you are looking for a new activity to do when you go to the beach, a part from taking a picture, snorkeling or jet skiing, come and experience the new adventure at Koh Chang Shooting Range. Here you will have a fun, exciting and challenging activity that you will never forget!

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